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CEC Windsor has an open position for a full-time bus driver or an afternoon driver paying $18.50 an hour.
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Part-Time Options

CEC is dedicated to providing quality education to all students, including homeschool students! While not every CEC campus offers a dedicated homeschool program, every CEC school does offer part-time options ideal for homeschool students.

What does it mean to be a part-time student?

With part-time options at CEC, students can participate in classes with full-time students every day of the week! That means, students get to engage socially and academically at their own pace.

How many classes can part-time students enroll in?

Part-Time students can enroll in a maximum of four classes. However, students may also take as few as one class.

What will my schedule look like?

Because of the variations in subject and number of classes taken, schedules for part-time students can vary. We recommend that part-time students take consecutive classes to give them the opportunity to build relationships with teachers and peers. This also alleviates the need for special supervision and transportation arrangements. 

Is there a homeschool program at CECFC West Middle School?

While CECFC West MS does not, our partners at AXIS International Academy do provide a dedicated homeschool program on our campus! AXIS offers a language-immersion homeschool enrichment program for students aged 5 to 11 years. Learn more HERE!


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