Art Class

Drawing, painting, coloring, building, writing... FUN!!!Optical Illusion
Of course art is fun. We are using many of our senses in class along with our prior knowledge to accomplish great artwork. But we are also learning new techniques and mediums.
What we learned in our 1st semester:
  • Elements and Principles of Art - we continue to learn about art element terms such as line, shape, color, value, space, texture and art principles such as balance, emphasis, movement, proportion, rhythm, unity and variety and how we use them to talk about artwork.
  • Radial Balance - CD Mandalas gave us a chance to learn radial balance in art and how we chose and discard what we want in our artwork.
  • Optical Illusion - this art form is challenging because it requires precision and patience. To create an optical illusion artwork, you create a plan, find how you break the pattern to create a visual illusion of depth.
  • Art Notebooks - throughout the year we are learning to write and draw in our self-created notebooks. We learn to use new vocabulary every day in sentences and drawing pictures about those sentences. We are also writing and drawing using prompts that have us look at the world around differently.
  • My Story Tree - art often reflects us and our lives. My story tree is an instance where we wrote about our lives in our sketchbooks and transferred those stories into tree forms. Come look in our hallway and see the amazing story trees.
  • Reaching for the Sky - learning how to build a city is more than just engineering. We also learned city planning and cooperation between each other's "city blocks" and how they are best put together. Our new cities, Splatter City and Artopolis, are in the Westside Art Gallery and we encourage you to come see how each class interpreted the assignment.
What we are learning in the 2nd semester:
  • Weaving Together a Story - weaving is an ancient art form and we will be learning about the native american weavers from the Navajo culture. Each of us will be creating a weaving that represents ourselves and family using weaving techniques that have been passed on from generation to generation.
  • Art Notebooks continued - we are continuing to learn new vocabulary andDue how to use them in writing and drawing. Our journal prompts will continue to challenge us to look at the world from a different point of view.
  • 1 & 2 Point Perspectives - drawing depth on a 2-dimensional plane can be a little tricky. During our elements and principles section last semester, we learned how to use line and shade to create objects with depth. This project will be using this prior knowledge and add color, value, proportion and balance to create drawings that give us the 1 & 2 point perspectives continuing the illusion of space and movement on 2-dimensional paper.
We look forward to having new art students come in and join us in the learning and of course the FUN! Take a tour of our school and see for yourself what we are doing.
Important Due Dates for Artwork
All projects are due before or by the following dates respectively: March 6th and May 12th. Art projects assigned before these dates will be expected to be completed before or by these dates (ex. Weaving assigned in January is due before or by March 6th and 1 & 2 Point Perspective assigned in March is due before or by May 12th).