School Leadership

Please welcome Mrs. Lacey Scadden as the new Head of School for CECFC West Middle School. Lacey has been the interim Head of School the past few weeks and will continue to support the engaging, learning culture the CECFC West students have embraced that makes this campus special.
Lacey joined Colorado Early Colleges in 2012 with the opening of the CEC Fort Collins high school as the sole science teacher. With five years as a master teacher in the science classroom, her focus was on student-centered learning and meeting the needs of all learners. In 2017, Lacey became the instructional coach for both the Fort Collins' middle and high schools where she developed and implemented classes for teachers on best classroom practice, differentiation, MTSS, student centered learning, and social-emotional health in the classroom. She has worked heavily on curriculum design and development for the CEC Network of Schools and has overseen teacher hiring for all of the northern Colorado CEC schools.
Lacey has a bachelor's degree from the University of California Santa Cruz in cellular molecular biology and a master's in education in leadership, renewal and change. She has been developing her educational leadership and is well respected by her CEC colleagues and families. Lacey is a wife and mom of twin girls and a son, loves to ride bicycles and spend time with her family. She is excited to bring her personal strengths of positivity and connectedness to the CECFC West Middle School.