School Leadership


Welcome to Colorado Early Colleges Fort Collins West Middle School!




Caring, Safe, Inclusive

These are the core attributes and commitments the staff and teachers of Colorado Early Colleges Fort Collins (CECFC) West Middle School will bring to all students.


Hi, my name is Padro Gould, and I am Head of School for CECFC West Middle School. It is with great excitement and pride that I introduce myself and our middle school to you.


Our goal at CECFC West Middle School is to model and foster:


  • Academic Success: A fun, caring, inclusive, and student focused environment, coupled with an engaged staff, will enable your student to realize their potential and aspire to carve out their own learning path. This leads to your child’s success!
  • Caring environment: creating and maintaining calm and orderly classrooms by building relationships with our students.
  • Inclusive: Diversity, academics, support, and cultural sensitivity are recognized and appreciated in our classrooms.
  • Safe: Every student’s physical, emotional and psychological welfare is important to us; we will have safeguards in place to support and protect every child, every day.
  • Engaged Staff: Having an engaged staff is an ongoing and intentional effort. Our teachers are your students biggest cheerleaders and forerunners.
  • Fun: We learn better when we’re engaged. Our teachers understand the importance of making their lessons fun, and how this type of atmosphere inspires growth and positive change.
  • Student Focused: By employing different learning experiences, instructional approaches, and academic support strategies, our teachers will teach with a collective and individual mindset.

A little about me - I am a retired veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces (Air Force and Coast Guard), currently residing in southeast Fort Collins with my wonderful wife Kenya, multi-talented son Chase, and three rambunctious maltipoos (SOKS, Seuss, and Skoop). I received my MBA with a management focus and Master of Science degree in Information and Telecommunication Systems for Business from Johns Hopkins University. In addition, upon relocation to Fort Collins in the summer of 2011, I pursued and received my Master of Education and Human Resources Studies degree, with an Educational Leadership, Renewal and Change specialization from Colorado State University. Over the years, I have worked with a variety of students, ranging in age from kindergarten through and including college. I am excited to bring my leadership skills to the Colorado Early Colleges Network of Schools, as we partner to ensure every student’s success.


My staff and I are dedicated to establishing an atmosphere where middle school students thrive emotionally, academically and socially. We will work hard to continue the legacy of success established by CEC in building strong relationships with parents/guardians, students and community partners. Also, we will work hard to prepare students for the ultimate goal of attending Colorado Early College Fort Collins High School, where they can earn an associate degree and/or industry certification for FREE.


In closing, please know that my door is always open to discuss any concerns, issues, and/or ideas that may arise throughout the school year. I welcome you and look forward to working with you to help each student at CECFC West Middle School meet their goals and have a successful school year. My staff and I are honored you have entrusted your student’s education to us.


All the best,



Padro Gould

Head of School, CECFC West Middle School