Assessment Administration

Parent Refusal Policy
The network of Colorado Early College schools will follow this policy for parents who desire to opt their student(s) out of one or more of the state tests. This policy includes the following tests:
• State assessments that are included in this policy are CMAS, PSAT and SAT*.
• This does not include ACCESS or READ Act assessments.

Each Colorado Early College school will communicate to families that parents/guardians may elect to opt their student out of the above mentioned state assessment. Each school’s communication will express the positives of taking the tests.
❖ Parent Refusal Forms will be available at each respective school.
❖ If a parent/guardian chooses to opt their student out of the above mentioned state assessments, he/she will be responsible for completing a form and returning it to their respective school so it can be filed and tracked.
❖ The parent refusal forms will be maintained by the assessment coordinator or academic dean for each school.

❖ CEC schools will not impose negative consequences upon the student (e.g., cannot prohibit attendance, issue an unexcused absence, prohibit participation in an extracurricular activity)

❖ CEC schools will not impose an unreasonable burden or requirement on a student that would discourage him or her from taking a state assessment
Computer-based vs. Paper-based testing
CEC will use computer-based testing for CMAS, CoAlt English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies*.
The paper-based testing options will only apply to the following assessments: CMAS and CoAlt English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies for students needing accommodations per a learning plan.

Assessment Calendar
bookCEC schools will create a written assessment calendar that:
1. Lists the state and local assessments that will be administered during the school year;
2. Specifies the estimated hours each testing day that specific classes or grades will take each assessment;
3. Identifies whether the assessment is required by federal law, state law, or selected by the school.

The calendar and additional written material must be annually distributed to parents as early in the school year as possible and posted on the school’s website.

*OPT OUT Test List:
CMAS Science – 8th and 11th grade
CMAS Social Studies – 7th grade
CMAS English Language Arts – 6th – 8th grade
CMAS Math – 6th – 8th grade
PSAT College Preparatory Exam – 9th – 10th grade
SAT College Entrance Exam – 11th grade

Additional Legal Ref:
C.R.S. 22-7-409
Policy Ref:
CEC Student Handbook